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The Vaughan community has been benefiting from our one on one Vaughan tutoring service. Great results have been reported. Parents and students alike are raving about their Vaughan tutors. See what they have to say by visiting this link.

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We are Qualified Tutors Inc., an established Vaughan tutoring company, which has been in business for 11 years. During this time we have helped over 6500 students to achieve their goals and to perform to the best of their abilities. Our 300 plus tutors are specialists in their respective fields. Visit the “Our Team” page to learn more about them.

If you have been considering a Vaughan tutor for your child, Qualified Tutors has affordable rates and exceptional service, and can easily get you started on enjoying the benefits of private tutoring in the comfort of your home.

With University admission mark requirements as high as they are, private tutoring is an invaluable resource to secure your child’s future.

Call us today to discuss a Vaughan tutor for your child: (905) 763-7134, or our toll free pone number is 1-877-818-1811. If you prefer, visit the “Contact Us” page and send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.